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BitRadio is a non-profit project, advertising on this radio station is free.

How to get free advertising?

We are looking for websites or other projects that want to partner. You advertise us, we advertise you.

1. E-mail send us a detailed presentation of where and how you can advertise our radio station

Present your project and advertising opportunities in as much detail as possible.

2. Get our answer.

3. Start promoting our radio.

4. Get advertising from us.

Important! the partnership is unlimited. We will promote you before you promote us. If you decide not to advertise our project, we will stop advertising your project.

Where can we advertise you?

1. on our website

2. Broadcast your audio commercials on all or your chosen channels between songs.

Note! if you don’t have an audio ad, we’ll create one! for free!

3. On our car in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.

Interested? Write to us by e-mail